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Horror - clothing made with the right intention 

What started as a personal passion has transformed into a small business. As we all know, the textile industry has a significant impact on the global environment, with issues such as child labor, waste production, and pollution. At Horror, we strive to create a more environmentally friendly textile industry within our capabilities.

We prioritize special quality controls to ensure we work with healthier and superior materials. Most of our techniques are executed locally, allowing us to support real people with good intentions. We strongly disagree with how large companies neglect the human aspect of textiles and exploit mass consumerism. Instead, we focus on minimizing waste and maximizing quality, aiming for long-lasting clothing that can be cherished for generations.

While clothing enables us to express ourselves beautifully, we believe that other humans should not suffer for our personal desires. At Horror, we take pride in controlling the entire process, from textile to garment, ensuring a responsible and transparent approach. Love and positivity are what the world needs now more than ever

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